MultiStreamer - Universelles IP-Streaming Modul (10W PoE)

OEM-Module for audio and/or video streaming applications
Multistreamer Diagram
MultiStreamer PCB
Multistreamer PCB
Produktstatus: Produktion läuft

Das Modul "MultiStreamer" wird als OEM-Modul von X-SPEX für die Entwicklung von schnellen Prototypen und Kleinserien (einige 100 p.a.) eingesetzt.

Key Features
  • Small outline of CPU module, 40 mm x 140 mm
  • 4 holes for product assembly
  • External power supply:
    • Power over Ethernet (10W!)
    • galvalnic isolation
  • Peripheral supply:
    • a) unregulated 48 V from Ethernet
    • b) regulated digital 3.3 V (shared with DSP system)
  • Designed for low audio distortion:
    • DSP core power supply by low noise linear regulator
    • GND - shield on the bottom side
    • all components (except connectors) on top side
  • Serial Connector to address up to 32x2 audio channels or other synchronous serial devices, up to 480 Mbit/s
  • Parallel connector to address video interface, image sensor or other parallel peripheral (up to 60 MBytes/s)
  • Robust Evaluation System available (planned)
  • customized applications development by X-SPEX:
    application specific hard- and software
Software Support by X-SPEX
  • High Speed IP Streaming
    (up to 50 Mbit/s TCP, up to 90 Mbits/s UDP)
  • application specific algorithms and control
  • IO driver for customer specific audio i/f
  • IO driver for customer specific video i/f
  • webserver for monitoring and control by user
  • customer specific combination and integration of software components
  • ...

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